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Saturday Flood Ride: The Plan

Hi Everyone.
Plans for the Saturday Flood ride are set. Please let me know if you have any questions. Remember to Hydrate yourself, and keep an eye on your bike temp in these hot conditions. Just because you aren’t sweating doesn’t mean you aren’t dehydrating. If you are on your bike, you probably aren’t sweating because you are going 70 MPH and it’s evaporating.
If you are not on your bike, and you stop sweating, it means you are getting close to having some real medical trouble. Keep an eye on yourself, and on your friends. Water is best for hydration according to the experts. Soda with Caffeene and/or alcohol will not help you. Just because it’s “wet” does not mean it will keep you from dehydrating. Cramps in the Hands, arms, legs, or stomach are also an indication that you need some water.
For all of us Harley, BMW Airhead, and other air-cooled guys, remember: Idling your motor in 100+ degrees for an extended period is not good for your bike (or legs). I recommend shutting it down at anything longer than a stoplight if you can safely do it. THe most common situation for me when I am out riding is a train crossing. I see riders all the time in the summer sitting at the crossing while the train passes with their bike idling away and building up heat.
Some of the newer Harley models have a rear cylendar shut down. It’s almost like parade mode. They just have to twist the throttle by wire system opposite of the direction you turn to accelerate, and it shuts the back cylendar down. Upon rotating the throttle back to the open position from rest, the cylendar fires right back up. This is common on Harley touring bikes with the new can bus electronics systems. What’s a can bus system…Better technology for the electronic signals your bike needs. Cheaper, more reliable, less wire bulk in a few words.
Same bike Harley has been making for decades right? Maybe similar on the outside, but there are a lot of sophisticated innovations necessary to keep the classic look and sound of a Harley and still provide the power and performance discerning motorcycle buyers expect. Don’t let “Common Knowledge” get you. If you haven’t taken a look at the changes Harley has made in the last 5 years, stop up and see Scott Hill at the Dillon Harley store. Riders, non-riders, and anyone else is welcome all the time at both stores. Also contrary to so-called “Common Knowledge” there is no secret knock or handshake required to get a Harley salesperson to talk to you. They’re riders just like us, and they’re nice folks.
Pop Quiz, What’s the name of the only current liquid cooled Harley platform….Yes, there is one and NO, it’s not a regular Harley left out in the rain.
Give you a hint, it is the one that uses a frame production process called Hydroforming. This reduces the number of welds, allows for complicated bends, and results in a stronger piece. It’s also made in Kansas City.  
See some of you tonight at the Zone 120th and Center. I did an upgrade to my bike last night in the garage. See if you can spot it. First one who does gets a beverage courtesy of Shifty this evening.
Flood Ride:
The plan is to leave Saturday morning. KICKSTANDS UP AT 8:00 am @ Bucky’s located on 102nd and Maple St
Planning to ride to Stanton, Ne about 110 miles from Omaha and have breakfast at a Biker friendly place called the Wolf’s Den.  (excellent breakfast)  top off at the Casey General Store and head to Yankton, Sd.  about another 80 miles up the road. check out dam, ect.  On the return we plan to catch I-29 cross either in Onawa/Decatur or Mo Valley.
That’s the plan so far for Saturday. Back by 5:30 at the latest.

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