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2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300R *UPDATED*: A Sneak Peak

Here at Dillon Brothers Motorsports we are anxiously awaiting the release of the new 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300R 250R.

Since it’s debut in 1983 the Kawasaki Ninja has ruled the entry level sports bike market and it looks like 2013 will be no different.  What will be different though is the Ninja 300 R 250R itself.  It appears that there’s some major changes coming for the 2013 model. After Honda came out with it’s newly revamped CBR250R in 2011, bringing some serious competition to the game, it was up to Kawasaki to step up it’s game and man did they ever.


2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300R 250R
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Thanks to a mix up on the corporate website (or a stroke of marketing genius) Kawasaki let slip some details on the 2013 Ninja 300R 250R and there are some impressive upgrades coming. One of the most glaring differences will be the revised body work which makes it look much more like the ZX10R super bike than an entry level sport bike. The new angular bodywork will feature slotted air vents and a redesigned tail section. The fan shroud appears to have been modified to help push air down towards the bottom of the engine and away from the rider along with new heat shields on the exhaust improving heat dispersion and rider comfort.

2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-air-flow  2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-radiator  2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-exhaust

In my opinion the biggest improvement of all will be the introduction of  the dual throttle valve electronic fuel injection for the first time in the US market for the Ninja 300R 250R. Or at least we can hope. So far I’m hearing it may only be available in limited markets.  All previous models have been carbureted in order to keep costs down but with the inception of the the fuel injected Honda CB250R in 2011 it’s time for Kawasaki to step up to the plate. Combined with new sleeveless die-cast cylinders, anodized pistons and increased cooling capacity the Ninja 300R 250R should get a nice boost in low to midrange torque and overall performance.

2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-fuel-injector   2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-fuel-flow2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-cylinders  2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-engine

More notable improvements will be an all new ABS option which Kawasaki claims features the worlds smallest control unit that should boost the stopping capabilities of the dual disc braking system and a larger 140-size rear tire.  All of these goodies will be bolted to a newly redesigned frame that’s been beefed up for increased rigidity and rubber engine mounts to reduce vibration. Even with all of these improvements there will only a 4 pound increase in overall curb weight.

2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-lime-front-disc  2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-frame  2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-rear-disc  2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-chain-drive

The instrument cluster appears to have been modernized from the antiquated three-analog-gauge layout to an analog tachometer and digital LCD display for everything else.  Along with a new floating mount windscreen similar to the ZX-10R, improved controls layout and flat out mean looking headlights the new Ninja 300R will really stand out from the competition on the street.

2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-lime-black-windscreen  2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-instrument-cluster  2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-controls2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-lime-headlights

The Kawasaki Japan site lists the available color schemes for the upcoming 2013 models as Lime Green, Lime Green/Ebony (special edition), Ebony,  Ebony/Metallic Moondust Grey (special edition), Passion Red, Passion Red/Stardust White (special edition), and Pearl Stardust White.

2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-lime-left 2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-lime-black-right-front 2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-black-left 2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-black-gray-right

2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-red-right-front  2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-red-white-left  2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-white-right-front

As always, people will want add-ons to make make their new 300 Ninja fit their individual needs.  It looks like the new Ninja 300R 250R will come ready for direct bolt on frame sliders and of course many riders will want to add a rear seat cowl for solo riding. We carry a large selection of aftermarket accessories and OEM parts on our website www.buymotorcycleparts.com for you to make your motorcycle your own and to help keep it running right and on the road. From tank and tail bags to tank pads and everything in-between there are countless ways to create you own unique sport bike.

2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-frame-slider   2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-lime-seat-cowl    tank bag   Tail Bags    Tank Pad

I always recommend a good training class like the Harley Davidson Rider’s Edge course that we offer here at Dillon Brothers for any beginner riders.  Proper protective gear like a good helmet, armored jacket, gloves and boots are also a must before you hit the road.

As we anxiously await the new models to hit the showroom floor it will interesting to watch the impact the new 2013 Ninja 300 250R has on the rest of the entry level sport bike market. I for one can’t wait for my first test ride to see how the new improvements enhance an already great motorcycle. I think 2013 should prove to be a very interesting year as the rest of the field scrambles to keep up with Kawasaki as they take the small, lightweight sport bike class to a whole new level.


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  1. Kawasaki is having a huge release party for it’s 2013 Ninja motorcycle lineup on September 13th in New Yorks Times Square titles the “Ninja Times Square Takeover” from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. The celebration will span 2 blocks from West 45th to West 47th street with displays of legendary motorcycles, music,  celebrity guests and free activities for families and individuals.

    Some of the scheduled activities will include stunt riding exhibitions by former Speed TV host Jason Britton, motorcycle drag racing instruction from multiple national championship winner Rickey Gadson, and 2011 AMA Motocross Championship winner Ryan Villopoto will be signing posters next to the Energy Kawasaki Racing Transporter truck on display.

    2013-ninja-250r-lime-green-black   2013-kawasaki-ninja-250r-riding pic

    It will be interesting to see if they say anything about the much rumored about Ninja 300 and Ninja 400 the new ZX-6R which is reported to return to a 636cc engine displacement.  With KTM officially launching the KTM 200 Duke in India this week and confirming rumors of an upcoming KTM 350 Duke, Kawasaki may be forced to show their hand.

  2. 2013 Ninja Release Date.  Kawasaki now has a running clock on their home page for the Ninja Times Square Takeover on September 13th. The live streaming event is rumored to feature the new 2013 Ninja 636, 2013 Ninja 300R and 2013 Ninja 400R models.



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