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Honda Generators

Whether for play, for home, or for work, extra power with a Honda generator means you’ll never go without. All Honda Generators feature either the Honda GX or iGX commercial grade engines. The four-stroke engines are recognized as the industry leader in providing reliable, quiet and fuel-effecient power.

Features include overhead valves for smooth, consistent power, and a cast iron cylinder sleeve for “commercial grade” quality and durability. All Honda Generators are equipped with an Oil Alert which protects the engine by shutting it down if the oil pressure level reaches an unsafe level.

The new Honda Generator GX now employs a digital CDI ignition system to dramatically improve ignition timing. Also, the compression ratio has been increased and finally, combustion air flow has been enhanced through a more efficient air cleaner design that reduces air flow restriction. Honda has an unmatched reputation for reliable generators that offers dependable starts and keep on running year after year.

There is something called the “Honda Advantage” and that is selection. Honda offers four major generator series: the super quiet, the deluxe, the industrial, and the economy.

Super Quiet

“Power that speaks for itself, just really quietly.” This about sums up Honda’s super quiet series generators. This series features a totally enclosed body that results in noticeably quieter performance. They are designed for the ultimate in quality, portability and convenience, making these models perfect for any trip to the great outdoors. Honda’s advance inverter technology makes the EU model generators extremely lightweight and portable. EU models also boast great fuel efficiency thanks to the Eco-Throttle System which enables the engine to run only as fast as needed for any given load.

Honda EU1000iA Super Quiet Generator
Honda EU1000iA Super Quiet Generator
  • 1000 watts, 120V
  • Ideal for TV, lights, fans, small power tools and more
  • Super quiet
  • Less than 29 lbs!!


“The calm in any storm.” Honda Deluxe Series generators offer the right features for convenient, reliable backup power during outages and brownout. Features include a heavy-duty full frame for added protection, voltage regulation for continuous stable power, wide handles for easy transporting, multiple front panel outlets for easy power connections and electric start.

Honda EM3800SXA Deluxe Generator
Honda EM3800SXA Deluxe Generator
  • 3800 watts, 120/240V
  • Powers fridge, furnace, lights, TV, and much more
  • Long run time – up to 20 hrs
  • Powerful Honda commercial OHV engine
  • 2 wheel kit – easy to transport


“Power you can trust.” Honda’s legendary industrial generators have earned a reputation in the construction and rental industries for their incredibly rugged reliability. A recent Independent Survey of Construction and Industrial Users rated Honda #1. And they’re backed by Honda’s 3-year commerical use warranty and legendary reputationfor performance, durability and reliability.

Honda EB6500XA Industrial Generator
Honda EB6500XA Industrial Generator
  • 6500 watts, 120/240V
  • Honda commercial OHV engine & heavy duty frame
  • Full GFCI protection
  • Long run time – up to 10 hrs
  • 120/240V selector switch
  • 2 wheel kit & lift hook


“Nothing gets the job done like a Honda.” Honda’s economy generators are a reliable source of “no frills” power. These models are all equipped with Oil Alert and a protective frame with isolation mounts for added durability. This series offers a lineup that delivers the best of both worlds: reliability and cost savings.

Honda EG3500XK1A Economy Generator
Honda EG3500XK1A Deluxe Generator
  • 3500 watts, 120/240V
  • Economic, portable power
  • Honda commercial OHV engine
  • AVR for stable power
  • Oil Alert


Whenever you need extra power, Honda‘s got the generator for you. Giving you the power you really need. The power of choice.

Dillon Bros now has Honda Generators!

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We are an Authorized Honda Power Equipment Dealer and Service Center in Omaha, Ne and we now carry Honda Generators.

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We carry all types of Honda Generators including the EU Super Quiet, EM Deluxe, EP-EG Economy and EB Industrial Generators.

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