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Cycle Shifty Weekend Ride – Sunday 9/4/2011 9:30am

Hey Everyone. Our ride in Sunday will begin at 9:30 AM at the Zone. Might be a cool morning, so dress appropriately. We WILL stop at the gas station at 10AM to pick up anyone who would rather meet us there. The route is about 100 miles.

Hope to see you all soon!


Cycle Shifty – ‘Weekend Rides’ – Fri, Jun 17, 2011

What’s up Cycleshifty people,

The weekend is almost upon us, and plans are coming together.


2nd Cycleshifty ride. We will have 2 rides.

One from 11:30 to 1:30ish

The second from 2 to 4ish

Both rides will start at the Zone on 120th and Center just North of Burger King. They have food, and will be open at 1PM for all those who need refreshments between the rides. Since it is Father’s day, I am planning to bring my Sons on part of the ride. Anyone else who wishes to bring their kids or their Father is certainly welcome. I will not be available for the entire ride, so I need someone to step up and lead the second half please.

Day of the Hog 2011 Poker Run  Dillon HarleyRemember to bring $10 for a DOTH raffle ticket…or bring $100 and get 10 tickets! The flyer about DOTH and about the raffle is attached. Please send this information out to your friends and help us help the MDA kids and their families. They are wonderful kids and you will get to see their smiling faces at the DOTH poker run on july 16th. You will also get to see Blake and Sid Dillon ride motorcycles.

Remember that Hairclub for men guy that wasn’t just the owner, he was also a client……Well let me tell you, Sid and Blake can ride. They don’t own a bike shop just because it’s neat, they are motorcyclists just like us. They put in a lot of time and product to make this beneficial for the kids. There are a number of other behind the scenes people that work all year to make this the biggest event in the area for MDA. Thousands of bikes come out from all over for this street dance, poker run, day of fun. If you have never seen a couple thousand bikes parked in the same location I assure you it’s fantastic.

Now for the fun part……LET’S RIDE THIS TOGETHER AS┬áTHE CYCLESHIFTY GROUP! I need to know who plans to go and who doesn’t. More details in later messages, but mark your calendars for July 15th in the Evening, July 16th all day (and all night for some of you), and mark $10 in your wallet to buy a raffle ticket from me for a 2011 Road King. The raffle is only for DOTH, not some national drawing so your chances are really good.

Oh yeah, any of you ladies that think you have what it takes to become Miss July Heat are welcome to participate in the contest on the 16th after the ride…….No dudes in Bikinis. At least a few of you are disappointed, and that’s just creepy man.


1. GIMME $10 for the MDA kids and I give you a 2011 Roadking (Chance)

2. show up at 11:30 or at 2:00 at the Zone 120th and center to ride on Sunday the 19th

3. Mark July 15th and 16th on your calendar for Day of the Hog MDA fundraiser and poker run

4. Don’t forget to recognize the Fathers in your life. (Check out some of the Fathers Day discounts at Dillon Brothers including upto 38% off instock Motocross gear from Answer Motoctoss Gear MSR MX Pants, Glives, Jerseys, FLY Racing and Others)

By Cycleshifty….

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