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Trikes and Trike Converison Kits

Ever thought about doing a cross-country motorcycle trip? What’s holding you back? Lack of funds, time, or maybe it’s the vehicle itself that has become a hindrance. Maybe you’re just unsure of making a cross-country trip with your two-wheeler. Ever thought about investing in a trike or having your two-wheeler turned into a three-wheeler? Dillon Brothers is an authorized dealer of motorcycle tricycles or trikes as they are fondly called.

However, not only do we sell trike, our Factory Trained technitions will do an in-house conversion to turn your two-wheeler into a three-wheeler. Or maybe you were looking into getting a new bike anyway, why not get a trike? Choose from Honda, Suzuki, and Volusia.

All trikes are shipped to our store and assembled by our fully certified mechanics. There are several 3-wheel conversion kits available for bikes, so even if you don’t want to purchase a new bike pre-assembled, you can purchase a conversion kit and have it assembled onto the bike you own now. Stop in today at our store, Dillon Brothers Motorsports, at 174th and Maple.

Dillon Bros is now a Authorized Lehman Trike Dealer!!

NEW – We are now a Lehman Trikes Dealer in Omaha, Ne

Trike Model: Monarch - Powered by Honda

Lehman Trikes: Offers first-class three wheel conversion for Honda Goldwing, and trikes for Suzuki C50 and C90 Motorcycles the Tramp and Jackal. These conversions are not your typical motorcycles converted to 3 wheelers. When you order one of these your are ordering the entire motorcycle and the conversion complete. This is not something you have to bolt on your bike, no these are built at the Lehman Facotry with precision and care. If you have ever thought you might want to purchase a three wheel motorcycle conversion kit this is it, trade in your bike or buy a new one outright.

Trike Model: Jackal & Tramp - Powered by Suzuki

Lehman Trikes is the Industry Leader in the design and manufacture of modern three-wheeled motorcycles. Spanning over 20 years, Lehman Trikes has been the forerunner in evolution of the modern trike conversion industry. As a Leader, Lehman continually breaks ground in the industry by being the first to market; first to build a strong dealer network; first to support an exclusive Owners Group; first to become a public company; first to offer turnkey products; first to build relationships with OEM, Finance and Insurance partners; and first to execute the most comprehensive validation and testing program in the industry.

CALL US at 402-556-3333 or Stop in 174th and Maple to order your new LEHMAN TRIKE